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Our current top rated weight loss pills are based on the following: 

  • The effectiveness of the weight loss products based on feedback from hundreds of customers who have tried them 

  • The clinical study of the pills including the ingredients and if the product is endorsed by doctors

  • The reliability and reputation of the sellers including the duration of the money back guarantees, extras or free bonuses, for example - free gifts, free exercise programs , diet plans, etc 

  • The overall effectiveness and value for your money

Are you searching for a weight losing supplement without any side effects?
Are you aiming for an envious and attractive body?
Are you done with all the stress and depression of life?

Do you rarely find time for yourself from the busy schedule?
We advice you not to purchase a product unless it is approved by our trusted reviews!

We have detailed and extensively researched reviews on various products. They have helped over 104,000 customers so far.

When we talk about fitness, weight reduction is one of the most controversial issues. Taking only pills and expecting to lose weight without any side effects is a far-fetched idea and must be analyzed. Every product had different effects on different people.

It is important to remember that pills must be your last option. You must try to lose weight by a healthy lifestyle change, regular exercise and selecting your diet carefully.

There are many supplements out in the market and no one knows if they are safe or not. It is advisable to exercise carefully when taking these diet pills for avoiding any unfavorable circumstances. These are the top 5 weight loss supplements on the market at the moment.

This article was first published in 2013 and has been updated ever since to keep pace with the changing times.


Many dieters try their best lose weight but mostly fail and this is quite embarrassing. For actual results, you can try any of the top 5 weight supplements on our list. They are completely safe and natural and hence, do not have any side effects at all.

However, only taking the pills is half the job done. For the best possible results, it must be combined with exercise and nutrition plan. You need to change something in order to achieve your desired results. Therefore, you must at least do a little exercise along with these pills. They also provide you with a diet plan to further help you in losing weight.


Users are free to communicate with us regarding anything, if you have used any of the top 5 weight loss supplements given here, do let us know all about it here. You can let us know your experiences and if there were any side-effects.

Current Top Rated Weight Loss Pills

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Current Top 5 Weight Loss PhenQ Phen375 Protacol XS ProShape Rx


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Tolerance Very High High High High Average
Very High High High High Average
Reorder Rates Very High Very High Very High High Average
Free Bonuses Yes No No No No
Their Guarantee 60
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Ranked #1 Weight Loss Product: PhenQ

Despite being new in the market, PhenQ is already very popular among users. It is a multifunctional pill combining power and advantages of multiple weight reducing supplements. PhenQ helps in burning the fat stored in your body by increasing its temperature which is known as thermogenic effect. Apart from that, it prevents new fat cells formation in the body.

PhenQ is also a popular appetite reducer, helping to curb your hunger. As a result, you will consume fewer calories and will ultimately lose weight. PhenQ also helps in boosting energy levels and improving mood. This gives you excess energy and motivation for exercise. If you are in a good mood, naturally you would not desire emotional eating. Conclusively, Regular exercise minus binge eating = WEIGHT LOSS.

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Ranked #2 Weight Loss Product: Phen375

Ranked #1 Weight Loss Product: ProactolPhentamine375 aka Phen375 is a world popular diet supplement. Customers using this product have lost impressive amount of weight within a few weeks. A balanced amount of ingredients in these pills are known to burn fat without any side effects. It increases metabolism burning away high amount of fat without any real effort from your part.

Phen375 is useful in suppressing your hunger. As a result, even when you are eating less than before, you will feel a free stomach after every meal. This pill works amazingly in breaking down existing fatty tissues and prevents storage of additional fat. Your body will be forced to use the existing fat for energy.

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Ranked #3 Weight Loss Product: Proactol XS

Ranked #1 Weight Loss Product: ProactolProactal XS is a diet supplement known for managing weight and treating obesity. It is a medically tested pill which effectively works as a pill binder. It helps in binding approximately 800 times the pill’s weight of fat of the food you consume.

It deems fat indigestible and your body will stop absorbing unwanted fat and calories. The intake of cholesterol will be decreased too. Proactal is useful in reducing appetite so that you can control eating unhealthy snakes. This helps in reducing daily calorie intake.

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Ranked #4 Weight Loss Product: ProShape RX

Ranked #2 Weight Loss Product: Proshape RX
ProShape RX is a multipurpose weight reducing supplement. It is helpful in controlling appetite, boosting metabolism, decreased cholesterol absorption and protecting against fat.

This system can be divided into two parts: a supplement phase and training phase. The weight reducing pills are the supplement part of the system. These pills are made with Hoodia Gordoni. On the other hand, the training phase includes regular exercises while taking the supplements.

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Ranked #5 Weight Loss Product: Dietrine

Ranked #3 Weight Loss Product: Dietrine
Dietrine consists of an organic carbohydrate nuetrilzer (Phase 2) which is usually found in starchy food like rice, bread and pasta (however, in small amounts meaning ineffective dosage).

Phase 2 prevents alpha amylase enzyme in breaking down carbs and converting it into energy. The enzyme is not able to absorb and digest the carbs. As a result, the excess energy is just passed through natural movement.

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