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Independent ProShape RX Review

Weight Loss Product: ProShape RX Review

Weight Loss Product: Proshape RXHave you ever wanted to lose weight quickly? Do you want to not just lose weight but better the performance of your body?

Then you should not be going for a diet supplement that can perform single function, probably you can look for a product that can perform multitasks. Is there any such product in weight loss market?

Indeed there is a product called ProShape RX™ which works by several functions to achieve effective weight loss.

ProShape RX™ is a weight loss supplement and in fact a diet pill that has multiple approach system for weight loss so one can lose weight quickly as well as effectively. This review on ProShape RX™ will shed light on some amazing facts about the product and you will understand that the claim made in the first lines above are indeed valid.

The multiple approach system in ProShape RX™ is due to its natural ingredients that work independently, as appetite suppressant, as a fat binder and as a carb blocker. These are in fact the active principles in the form of Hoodia gordonii, Chitosan and white kidney bean. 

Ingredients explained

Hoodia gordonii is a species of Hoodia that is being recommended by physicians, world over, for its ability to suppress appetite.

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There are as many as thirteen species, but this species is said to contain an appetite suppressant biocompound called P57 that doctors are recommending for individuals who are trying hard to lose extra flabs and calories.

The naturalness of Hoodia has led doctors to commend it as one of the safest and effective supplements for weight loss. Well how does the P57 work?

It simulates the effect of glucose on the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus being center of the brain responsible for the sensation of hunger; but indeed it is more intense than glucose and leads to a reduction in hunger (or more accurately, the inclination towards ingesting food in general, not just carbohydrates).

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a number of clinical trials. The results indicate that in 2 weeks’ time Hoodia is capable of reducing hundreds of calories from one’s daily intake or appetite thereof.

Chitosan is a shellfish derived extract that acts as a fat binder; implying when dietary fat is ingested before it gets digested the fat binder binds the fat and prevents from being digested and absorbed and the entire compound is thrown out of body

White kidney bean is Phaseolus vulgaris and the extract derived from these beans in pure form is a known Carb blocker and contains absorption of calories from a starch or carbohydrate source. It inhibits the alpha amylase enzyme that catabolizes starch so it curbs digestion of starch to sugars. So said, since ProShape RX™ contains these three ingredients weight loss is addressed effectively and quickly.

The benefits of using ProShape RX™ include:

  • Weight reduction

  • Increased energy levels

  • Boosts confidence

  • Toned body

Buying ProShape RX™ also makes a person entitled to ProShape RX™ fitness program that can help one maintain the achieved weight for long.

Our Honest Opinion

ProShape RX is rated among the top 3 most recommended weight loss system by independent reviews. For our case, it is our #2 recommended weight loss program. The feedbacks we received revealed they have an excellent support team to take care of your worries and questions. It is a very good weight loss program that has proven to work. We give Proactol 4/5 stars.

ProShape RX Product Photos

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