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Independent HoodiaRush Review

Weight Loss Product: HoodiaRush Review

Ranked #4 Weight Loss Product: HoodiaRushHoodiaRush is a weight loss supplement that is a pure form extract of Hoodia gordonii which is a cactus-like plant found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.

The diet supplement is available as capsule with each capsule comprising of 1000 mg of Hoodia gordonii extract.

In fact, a tribe named San has been depending on Hoodia gordonii plant for centuries to stave off appetite during their long hunting journeys. A small piece of Hoodia acts as a powerful appetite suppressant.

How does Hoodia gordonii Work?

A study reported in September 2004 edition of Brain Research revealed that p57 as an injection into the rats resulted in triggering of increased production of ATP (the super-power energy molecule of any cell) and researchers felt that it may affect hunger.

Rats that received P57 injections ate less as compared to those that received control injections. However, as it was studied in rats and experimented as injection form rather than oral formulation scientists opined that the trial is inconclusive to tell that oral Hoodia gordonii can suppress hunger in man. Phytopharm later conducted a double-blind clinical trial on human volunteers.

Their results revealed that a treatment with Hoodia gordonii for 2 weeks resulted in reduced intake of food by the treated individuals intake by about 1000 calories per day as compared to those who were not taking Hoodia. As the trial did not follow any scientific materials and methods the results are not publish worthy.

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How does the HoodiaRush work?

Before that we need to know what is hypothalamus? Hypothalamus is the appetite center in the brain. It is responsible in sending signals to the brain if we feel hungry, and we tend to binge on something. 

The same hypothalamus sends signals of fullness to brain and we stop eating felling full.

When HoodiaRush capsule is taken, the active P57 molecule activates the hypothalamus region of the brain. It in turn transmits signals of hunger satiation even before you complete the meal.

A probe into the active ingredient P57, revealed that it is an oxypregnane steroidal glycoside.

This molecule is believed to suppress the hunger of a person by increasing the ATP (or adenosine triphosphate which is the high-energy compound of all living cells) of nerve cells of hypothalamus by about 150%

The energy-high neurons will be active and trigger the hypothalamus saying they are full and energetic and the brain receives this signal and we stop eating. Actually the same principle function when we eat food (not Hoodia).

As the nerve cells receive/recognize the glucose (food breaks down to glucose) they get activated and trigger the appetite center.

Similar to the action of glucose is P57 but P57 acts a lot faster, as soon as it consumed and assimilated by the body the glucose-like action of P57 starts and there is no hunger to the person who has taken it.

This maybe a mechanism as explained by some researchers to the question how Hoodia could suppress hunger.

HoodiaRush has highest amount of Hoodia gordonii extracts than any other Hoodia products and so weight loss objectives are met effectively and quickly with the HoodiaRush.

The following are the benefits of using HoodiaRush pills:

  • Cut down daily calorie consumption by almost 50%

  • Brings down fat consumption

  • Suppresses appetite and helps loosing weight permanently

  • Easiest method to loose weight

  • No side effects

  • Easy to carry while you’re traveling and still loose weight

  • And many more

Our Honest Opinion

SlimPulse is our #5 weight loss program. The feedbacks we received revealed they have an poor support team. It is an alternative weight loss program. We give SlimPulse 1/5 stars.

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