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Achieve Quick Weight Loss By Setting Simple Weight Loss Goals


Setting weight loss goals is a systematic and planned way of losing weight. It acts as a planner directing you through the different steps or routine of your daily diet. It is more important to concentrate on how much weight you want to lose. The goals need to be set according to the SMART ratio i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible.

Do you require losing weight?

To set attainable weight loss goals you first need to determine whether you really need to lose weight or not. These shows how realistic your goal is and how much time you will take to lose that much weight. This helps in successfully losing weight in the desired time.

5 strategies of weight loss goals:

• Setting a very precise goal: determine the amount of weight you require to lose and be specific about it. Try to maintain a dedicated and positive attitude towards your goal.

• Planning: plan out your strategy depending upon the diet and exercise that needs to be carried out for losing the required amount of weight.

• Take small steps: break up your goals into many smaller goals to keep it realistic. This helps you to achieve each goal successfully and helps you to have a positive view towards your weight loss.

• Realistic timeline: you should keep a practical timeline according to the amount of weight you require to lose and your capacity in losing weight. This ensures the timely completion of your weight loss goals.

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• Monitor your progress: check the amount of calories you lose daily to see whether you are keeping up to your goals or not. This compares your advancement with your goals.

Setting your goals:

• Start by targeting small amount of weight loss and achieve it through some easy exercises like running or jogging. Bring about little changes in your diet which helps in decreasing your daily calorie intake.

• Make some transitional goals which are more ambitious than your actual weight loss goals. This helps you to push yourself a little further to achieve weight loss faster and earlier than your timeline.

• Religiously carry out the daily exercises and honestly stick to your diet. This keeps your goal real and manageable.

10 successful tips of weight loss goals:

1. Set the weight loss target according to your fitness, health and time.
2. The amount of weight loss targeted should be practical and achievable.
3. Write down your weight loss goals so that you can refer to it and work according to it.
4. Focus on your goals and keep a positive view towards it.
5. Carry out the regular exercises without fail and stick to your low calorie diet.
6. Divide your goals into short-term goals and long-term goals. This helps to reduce the pressure of losing weight.
7. Plan out everyday according to your daily work and chores.
8. Don’t stress yourself but keep it simple and easy.
9. Evaluate and calculate your progress.
10. Reconsider and adjust your goals if difficult to follow, but try hard to maintain it.


Weight loss goals act as your personal instructor guiding you through the different steps of losing weight. It keeps you motivated and helps you to put in more effort in burning the calories. It is a highly effective and planned technique of losing weight. So hurry up and set your goals and easily achieve the physique that you always desired.

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