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Natural Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

Each year over 300,000 people die all over the world. Most of the deaths are caused by or related to being overweight. Due to this very reason, many people are looking for ways to lose weight in order to avoid the future health hazards.

One of the best ways to lose weight, which is gaining a lot of popularity these days are the herbal weight loss supplements. Losing weight using herbs and supplements is not only safe but it is also effective in your weight loss efforts.

Herbal weight loss supplements help you to lose the unwanted fats and keep your body healthy in the process. However, you’ll need to be smart while you’re choosing the perfect products which are suitable for your body type.

According to health experts, there are four factors responsible for weight control.

• Strength training to help build muscle
• Cardiovascular training to increase your metabolism
• Good nutrition to manage caloric intake but the nutrition should provide the body with sufficient energy. This includes the intake of nutritional and herbal weight loss supplements.

Popular weight loss herbs:

• Bitter Orange
• Cayenne
• Coleus
• Ephedra
• Garcinia Cambogia
• Green Tea
• Guaraná
• Guggul
• Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae)
• St. John’s Wort

Please be reminded that the mental strength provides the ability to start and to execute a program.

There are many weight products that can easily help you in losing weight in a short time. However, you’ll need to be intelligent while choosing the right products. Do a research first and try to understand the effect it will give to your health. 

Most importantly, make an attempt to identify the possible side effects which the weight loss supplements might cause on you. It is always wiser to choose the herbal weight loss products in order to eliminate the risks of the possible side effects.

Some of herbal weight loss supplements can be very beneficial and others can be potentially harmful and even toxic.

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Food and Drug Association (FDA) has classified some herbs that are not safe. Following herbs are linked to cause serious side effects and even death.

The Herbal laxatives - This supplement is normally distributed as the herbal tea

These herbs are the following:

• Cascara
• Senna
• Buckthorn
• Aloe
• Rhubarb root

These herbs can cause:

• Cramping
• Diarrhea
• If overused, could cause your bowels to no longer function without laxative stimulation.

Ephedra - also known as ma huang

High dosage of this herb can result to:

• Blood pressure, 
• Increase heart rate
• Stimulate the central nervous system

The FDA reports have revealed that 800 types of side effects are linked with the usage of ephedra, including:

• Heart palpitations
• Seizures
• Stroke
• Chest pain
• Heart attack

Herbal fen-phen - This has been proven to be a dangerous drug which is used to regulate the diet system.

Misuse of this herb is associated with sever side effects.

• Irregular heartbeat 
• Heart attack
• Stroke

Some of the safe herbal weight loss supplements are the following:

• Cayenne - contains a component called capsaicin that stimulates saliva, digestion and accelerates metabolism at a safer level.
• Green tea - is a natural stimulant with the added benefit of Vitamin C. It is available in tea bag and capsules.
• Seaweed - is a natural thyroid stimulant and a good source of minerals such as chromium and iodine.

Note: If you are taking thyroid medication, seek your doctor’s advice before taking seaweed. 

Be smart while exploring the possible herbal preferences. Do a research and thoroughly while investigating on natural herbal weight loss supplements. Always bear in mind that health is wealth.

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