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Weight Loss Recipes

The love of food is universal and a complete sensory delight for everyone. As of today eating seems to be a complex endeavor as we are caught up between the latest restrictive diet and the lure of high fat processed foods.

A middle ground between these extremes would be good healthy food in moderation without guilt. The old time tested approach to weight loss would be to include certain essential foods in your diet that can promote weight loss.

To enter the realm of enjoying the food you love without health concerns, the following notes would be valuable. Its been accounted for that indulging in vegetable soup five to six times a week promotes weight loss.

The soup would actually fill you up and act on your appetite when you indulge in the meal. The soup is a known weight loss recipe in Latin America, Japan and Asia.

It is also suggested that one must gorge only on fresh portions of meat, diary and desserts, as fresh portions fill you up and have you satiated than bland food.

You could also go rich on all the different flavors in your food, include spices to curb cravings. By feasting on salt, sweet, sour and more, you work on your appetite cerebrally by variety in taste.

All this could be done for your lunch, as many cultures suggest lunch should be your quantitative meal of the day.

While looking for food you should make an effort to go for a colorful delicacy or meal, which can add to the wholeness of your meal without calories.

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Rich colors like yellow, purple, green, black and blue could work wonders as they signal presence of rich antioxidants in them. By cooking vegetables in olive oil, it’s said you would crave eating more of them.

Fruits and vegetables are a must in any weight loss recipe and are a recipe themselves. Many suggest resisting from multi tasking while eating as you could over eat, watching television and talking on the phone during food should be avoided.

You could enjoy your food and inch earlier on satiation by paying attention to your food.

You should eat regular meals three times a day with dietary restrictions like only low fat diary products, skimmed milk, salmon and chicken breast from poultry to indulge in.

A low carbohydrate, high protein diet is the norm for weight loss. Having a glass of wine with food is also said to absolve food cravings in European cultures.

You could replace the cream in your dessert with low fat cream and enrich them with walnuts. Walnuts account for essential protein and good fat that aid weight loss regimes.

Fruits like strawberries and dried fruits when added to desserts provide fiber that improves digestive function and insulin sensitivity.

You could go low on your calories by including peanut butter in your diet; they contain essential good fat and protein. Drinks like chai and green tea have been shown to promote weight loss.

There are a lot of weight loss recipes on drinks, appetizers, desserts ad so on. All of them just seem to inculcate the right ingredients in right amounts in varied taste.

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