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Weight Loss Supplement - Losing Weight Made Easy

Obesity is a common problem nowadays with people leading sedentary lifestyles. How you wish you could eat all the chocolate and junk in this world and still remain thin!!! 

However with the help of any weight loss supplement it is possible to a certain extent. So now eating whatever you like and just popping a pill can make you trim up the fat on your tummy!!! 

This article will tell you about the supplements which you can use to make yourself loose those extra calories:

Protein supplements:

Research shows that replacing normal diet with a protein rich diet leads to faster weight loss. Protein is said to be a healthy weight loss supplement. This is because it adds mass to the muscles. It reduces hunger and thus indirectly leads to weight loss. Thus the intake of protein is advisable for the strength training. It will preserve your muscle while you loose weight. 

You may want to follow a diet that consists of 30 to 40% protein (major share), little less of carbohydrates like 25 to 35% and around 10 to 20%fats.


It is one of the most used weight loss supplement. Its main action is that it suppresses hunger attacks and the desire to eat. Thus it kills your appetite and increase the metabolism. 

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Another function it has is that it decreases body fat by delivering energy to the muscle. Muscle burn more fats than other body tissue. Thus this action of targeting hormones in the brain to suppress hunger has made ephedra and other alkaloids a major hit amongst the people. However there are certain side effects like increased blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. So please consult your physician before using this supplement. 

Green tea:

The much talked about green tea i.e. Camellia sinesis is another weight loss supplement that has proved effective. Its main action is it triggers the hormone noradrenalin. This hormone suppresses appetite and increases metabolism. Thus it increases the body’s calorie burning ability. 

Bitter orange:

This supplement contains compounds that are present in ephedra like synephrine and octopamine. It had become popular after ephedra was marketed. It has similar actions like ephedra. It raises blood pressure, increases heart rate and cause abnormal heart rhythms. Thus before using this supplement, consultation from a medical practitioner becomes mandatory.

Apple cider vinegar:

It is a natural appetite killer and a hunger suppressant. You can take 2 or 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or its pills before a meal. Thus by suppressing appetite it leads to burning of fats. 

Conjugated linoleic acid:

This has become a popular weight loss supplement as it increases muscle mass and burns the body fat. The recommended dose is 3.2 grams per day. It is naturally found in small amounts in milk. Besides the above mentioned other supplements are hoodia and fucoxanthin. However no human trials have been done on these supplements. 

You may use these products as a weight loss supplement. However do remember they supplement weight loss. Exercise and diet modification remain the main treatment therapy for obesity.

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