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Weight Loss Tips For People With Physical Disabilities

People who are physically challenged typically lead a difficult life. They do not have the luxury of performing their day-to-day activities alone. They constantly need someone’s help for one thing or the other. However, achieving weight loss is one thing which does not need much of anyone’s help.

All the basic rules that apply for a normal person who wants to lose weight apply for a physically disabled person also however there are certain rules which can be bent. 

Focus on diet

Physically disabled people are at more risk of gaining weight as they cannot move freely and do exercises as a normal person. Mostly, they are confined to specific area and their movements are restricted due to disability. However, through controlled diet, any such person can also achieve weight loss without having to do exercises.

Since their movements are restricted, utmost care must be taken with the kind of food which they consume. Similar to what is suggested to normal people physically challenged people also require the same type of food intake and diet. Food stuffs rich in nutrients but less in calories is what even the disabled need to reduce their weight.

They must not eat food stuffs which are over-cooked or over-fried, instead must have fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber content. This fiber is extremely important in aiding proper bowel movement and helps in proper conversion of food into energy.

Food stuffs to be away from

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To achieve weight loss, such people must keep themselves away from junk foods such as fast foods and oily stuffs. They must not consume over-cooked and over-fried food stuffs and must stay away from chocolates, cakes, candies and sugar-loaded drinks such as soft drinks.
Important ones to have

Proteins are the building blocks of each cell of the body and hence, food stuffs rich in protein such as milk, egg whites, fish and meats should not be avoided. Fruits and vegetables good sources of all the essential vitamins and minerals and also are low in calories. Consuming them will keep the physically challenged people healthy and can help achieve weight loss.

Water also plays an important role in bringing down the weight of a person. Physically challenged people must have enough water daily as water revitalizes the body by flushing out the toxins present and aids in the metabolism of food stuffs.

Weight loss programs

There are various weight loss programs for the disabled that focus on how such people can reduce their weight and be healthy. Such programs help them channelize their thoughts and help them maintain a strict diet regime.

These programs make them move their muscle by teaching exercises and other body movements daily so that they can burn the extra calorie present in the body and convert them into energy. However, the movements in these exercises are designed keeping in mind the restrictions of the physically disabled people.

Hence if the people with physical disabilities follow the perfect weight loss diet, then they can keep themselves healthy and can help in keeping all weight related diseases at bay.

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