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Weight Loss: Take It Seriously

Lots of people talk about weight loss – five pounds here, ten pounds there. And it seems like these weight loss conversations are cyclical. 

People talk about it before summer comes, before they go on vacation, before holidays, before family reunions, and so on. But for men and women who really want to change things, it is important to take weight loss seriously.

Make a plan

In order to make your weight loss goals stick, you need to make a plan. Figure out, with the help of your doctor, what your ideal weight should be for your height and body frame size. 

Talk to your primary care physician to determine what a safe level of weight loss is for you. Two pounds lost per week is usually the maximum, but your doctor can tell you for sure what is safe for you personally. 

When you get these numbers, then you should develop a weight loss plan to turn these goals into a reality. Only be making a plan and sticking with it will you find real success with weight loss, instead of having your weight bounce up and down irregularly and beyond your control. 

Make your weight loss goals realistic. There is no point in being vague (“I want to be thin”) because it is too easy to lose motivation that way. By being specific, you can chart your progress and that forward motion is what is going to keep you going when it gets hard to do. 

Also, if you make your weight loss goals unrealistic, you’ll never reach them and then you’ll just get frustrated and quit. 

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Get what you need

When you take weight loss seriously, you’ll be able to gather all of the things you will need in order to make this goal happen for you. You will gather the recipes that make for more healthy meals and snack choices. 

You will get the equipment you might need for increased physical activity (for example, buying a gym membership, a swimsuit for lap swimming, running shoes for running or walking around the neighborhood, etc.). 

For people who have made a financial commitment to their weight loss program, in the form of tools, equipment, memberships, etc., it is a lot harder to walk away from the weight loss program when you get bored or tired of it or you hit a plateau and seem to stop losing weight. 

When you take it seriously, almost like a job, then you may find the motivation to stick with it comes easier than it has before. 

In conclusion

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to take it seriously. You need to treat it like a job and not a passing fancy. Weight loss is indeed possible, for anyone. 

The key is, you need to develop a weight loss plan for yourself, set realistic goals, and find the motivation to continue working at your weight loss plan even when you really don’t want to, whether it’s because you’re sick, sad, or stressed out.

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