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Weight Loss Diary For A Healthy Living

Maintaining a diary for weight loss can help double your weight loss efforts. Losing weight doesn’t occur in that smooth and linear way as you read in books and magazines. 

We always have to monitor the weight so as to achieve the weight loss goal in the specified time limits. Monitoring is also needed to maintain the weight in the safe limits.

You can keep a weight loss diary when you want to become active, in good health or lose weight. It can also help to keep diet planning.

It is also something one maintains as part of a health plan so that they can be on the right track, be held accountable, and amend the plan to go well with their changing needs and way of life.

What all I can include in my weight loss diary?

In true sense it has to be an honest and brave account of what all you have done for a significant amount of weight loss. 

The weight data recordings are effectively the principal part of the weight loss diary. However, if you explore the diet and food issues with insight, humor and courage, it will also be both instructive and inspiring for everyone struggling with weight loss issue. So we can include the following sessions. 

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• The Tale of success, setbacks, binges and fiascos.

• The most ridiculous excuses for cheating or ending on a diet.

• The Memories of your dark days of flirting with eating disorders.

• The record to keep track of nutrition, weight, diet and fitness.

• A record should also be kept for activity in the weight loss diary, since it is a very essential for weight loss. It will help you keep track of how many calories are being burnt.

• The weight loss diary can also include the self sabotaging habits during dieting. 

• Researches show that people eat out of mood or emotion than hunger or need for nutrition. So you should list your mood and emotions as an essential factor in the diary since it influences the eating habit and hence your weight loss efforts.

• The weight loss diary helps to keep plan of daily eating habits and exercise habits so that enable you to become more efficient in your weight loss efforts. To get better results for your weight loss efforts, you should take note of how much food you eat and of what kind.

You can keep your weight loss diary in the internet also. Some Weight Loss Forums provides e-diary to keep weight loss records. You will be able to share the experience of those who are struggling with the weight loss aim.

Things to remember

• Researches show that, those who kept daily records of weight, lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records.

• We have a tendency to do the things properly when we are being “watched”. 

• Recording the correct data is also equally essential in preparing the diary. You will not get anything by cheating yourself. If you really wish to monitor your weight loss efforts, record the correct data in the weight loss diary, no matter how horrified it may seem. 

• Precise plans or modifications can be prepared only if you are honest to the diary. Also it should be comprehensive in all aspects of weight loss efforts and short falls.

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