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Easy Exercises For Weight Loss Around Waist

Tired of the love handles around your waist? Want to know a fast and effective way to lose those handles? Getting rid of these handles is not very hard if you do the right kind of exercises. The waist is the common area where people wish to lose weight.

Exercises will help burn the fat around the waist directly. In fact is quite possible to lose these fats from the waist area without any exercise that stretches the abdominal muscles. This article will present you will a few short cut and easy exercises for weight loss around waist.

Vacuum Pose: Many people lose about 1.75 inches around their waist by performing this exercise for 5 minutes a day. This is the single best exercise for weight loss around waist. So if you have got 5 minutes to spare from your busy schedule, here’s what you will have to do.

Take a deep breath and suck in your belly button as much as possible. Many of the people usually suck in their upper abs rather than their stomach. So basically concentrate on the sucking in of your belly button.

Be in this position for at least 15 seconds initially. Once you are comfortable in this pose you can stretch the time limit to 60 seconds.

Practice this exercise for 5 minutes everyday and you can be assured to lose 1.75 inches off your waist in less than a month. One of the best and easiest forms of exercise recommended for weight loss around waist.

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Planks Exercises: These are isometric exercises recommended for the waist area. People who have performed these exercises have achieved a difference in their waist line in a matter of weeks. These exercises can be done when you are watching TV or listening to your favorite music. 

Stand on your toes and balance your upper arms on your forearms. Be in this position for as long as possible. For the side planks exercise, stand on tiptoe and balance on one of your forearms and the side of your foot.

Practice these exercise for 5- 10 minutes a day. These exercises not only save your time and energy, but also help in boosting your metabolism. 

The above two exercises are the best weight loss around waist procedures to lose those love handles faster. But besides these exercises, running and walking can also contribute for losing weight around the waist. 

Initially when you are beginning these exercises you can either run for 1 minute or walk for 90 seconds. Once you are comfortable you can increase your running length for 2 minutes and your walking stride for 1 minute. Repeat the process for 8 – 10 times.

The process is very slow but you can see results by the end of the seventh week. You can later on manage the speed of your capacity as you increase the length of you strides. On the seventh week, run for 15 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. Repeat it 3 times.

Weight loss around waist is not difficult if you practice the above exercises regularly. Many people have actually managed to get their ideal waistline by performing these exercises. So go perform the weight loss around waist exercises and make a difference to your waistline.

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