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How To Measure Effective Weight Loss By Yourself

In order to keep your weight under control you have to cultivate a custom which says “cook once and eat twice”. There are many people in today’s busy world who wants to lose their weight and look slim and trim.

You can adopt any of the methods to shed your excess weight which range from exercises, controlling your eating habits, weight loss supplements, weight loss pills etc.

But there few things you should remember for effective weight loss. You must always remember some of the weight loss principles which are:

· Improving your metabolism – in order to have a sustained and effective weight loss, it is very essential that you should boost your metabolism. The most effective way to improve your metabolism is to build a greater proportion of functional muscle in your body. You will have to undergo a training to spike your metabolism.

· You must maintain lean muscles – the more lean muscles your body hold greater is the chances of burning more fats. Your muscle system is made to sustain more energy. This energy will be use to burn off the excess calories and harmful fats. Apart from acting as a fat burner lean muscles make you look good.

· Cultivate a habit of brisk walking – you can include fast walking in your weight loss program. The fast walking helps in burning the excess fat which is accumulated in your body. The best benefited part in your body would be your hips.

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The fast walking has many advantages like it is easy to do, more conventional, all your body parts move naturally and it can be done anywhere.

Apart from the above principle if you get trained yourself on strength training then you can achieve both your goal of weight loss and improving your general health. Many people say that you have to diet your excess fat from your body to achieve an effective weight loss. 

When you decide to start work towards effective weight loss you can follow these steps:

· First and most important step is to set weight loss goals. These goals should me moderate and achievable. This is important because when you set a goal and if your fail to achieve that then your will be de motivated from that experience and thus you will give up that process.

· It very important to know your body mass index. There is a BMI table available in internet and also with your doctor. You have check where your body weight falls. According to the range you have start your weight loss program. 

· You can make weight loss friend. This will help you to maintain the food habit. Dieting with a buddy helps you to lose more weight. You will get motivated from your pal to shed your excess weight. Many studies show that adopting this kind of process helps you to lose as much as twice of your excess weight. 

· One more way towards effective weight loss is to join a weight loss group. You can make your own group to lose your weight from the people around you. 

· The most vital point in effective weight loss is to keep a track of your weight loss. 

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